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Season 1

Power of Perspective



Episode References & Links

Unbeatable Mind Website: HERE

Transcendental Meditation (TM) Website: HERE

Video - Bullying Plants: HERE

The Burden of Being Ungrateful Article: HERE

University of Thessaly Study: HERE

University of Western Ontario Study: HERE

Book - What to Say When You Talk to Yourself: HERE


Episode References & Links

CDC Website: HERE Website: HERE


Episode References & Links

American Psychological Association Article (What You Need to Know About Willpower): HERE

Book - The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy: HERE


Episode References & Links

Video - Tony Robbins (The Power of Changing Your State): HERE

Article - Tony Robbins 'How to Find Your Gift': HERE

Video - Alan Watts (What if Money Was No Object?): HERE

Article - What Choosing Your Own Path Really Means: HERE


Episode References & Links

Video - Tony Robbins (Overcoming Shame): HERE

Video - Tony Robbins (How to Overcome Guilt & Shame): HERE

Article - Regrets of the Dying: HERE

Article - The Burden of Being Ungrateful: HERE


Episode References & Links

Video - The Time When Buddha Explained Death: HERE

Article - Danger of Living in the Past: HERE


Episode References & Links

Video - Tony Robbins Priming: HERE

Video - Tony Robbins (Power of Beliefs): HERE

Song - 'You Say' by Lauren Daigle: HERE


Episode References & Links

Article - Neuroscience and Writing Down Goals: HERE

Article - James Clear (Goal Setting): HERE
Article - Create a Compelling Future: HERE



Episode References & Links

Article - Electoral College: HERE

Website - HERE

Website - 1992 Election Results: HERE

Website - HERE

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